International Congress

AAGL-SEGi 2019

Pisa, Siena & Florence, 07 - 11 May 2019

PG Course B4 - Basic and Advanced Course on Robotic Surgical Anatomy for Abdomino-Pelvic Surgery

8 May, Venue: Palazzo dei Congressi-Florence

PG Course B4. Basic and Advanced Course on Robotic Surgical Anatomy for Abdomino-Pelvic Surgery

Co - Chairs: A. Advincula, J.F. Magrina

Guest Faculty: V. Chiantera, A . Fagotti, A. Maggioni, M. Truong, J. Yi, V. Zanagnolo.


As our understanding of robot-assisted surgery has grown, so have the applications, technological innovations and potential complications. To optimize surgeon performance and patient outcomes, this 4 hour hands-on workshop is designed to provide attendees with an intensive in-depth analysis of the various surgical components of today’s currently used robotic surgical platforms. Subsequently the appropriate gynecologic applications will be reviewed along with their respective surgical nuances. An emphasis will be made on anatomical relationships as well as dissection and suturing techniques relative to specific procedures performed within a cadaveric model.


Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to:  1) Perform safe peritoneal access and strategic trocar placement during robotic surgery; 2) demonstrate safe and efficient docking approaches 3) acquire increased knowledge of retroperitoneal pelvic and aortic anatomy, 4) acquire various tips and tricks for managing and minimizing the risks of complications in robot-assisted laparoscopy and 5) formulate strategies for navigating difficult pelvic anatomy.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

01.30 pm - 01.35 pm Welcome A.Advincula

01:35 pm - 02.00 pm  Retroperitoneal pelvic anatomy V. Chiantera      

02:00 pm - 02.25 pm Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Myomectomy (with 4th arm) A.Advincula

02:25 pm - 02.50 pm Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (for the large uterus) M.Truong

02:50 pm - 03.15 pm Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Pelvic Reconstruction J. Yi      

03:15 pm - 03.30 pm   Question and answer

03:30 pm - 03.55 pm   Robotic diaphragm resection: endometriosis and metastases J. Magrina

03:55 pm - 04.20 pm   Retroperitoneal aortic anatomy and lymphadenectomyA. Maggioni

04:20 pm - 04.45 pm   Robotic upper abdominal anatomy and surgery V. Zanagnolo

04:45pm - 05.10 pm   The Senhance robotic system:  applications and technique A. Fagotti

05:10 pm - 05.30 pm   Question and answer

05:30 pm   Adjourn