International Congress

AAGL-SEGi 2019

Pisa, Siena & Florence, 07 - 11 May 2019

PG Course C2 - LIPS: Surgical skills and Suturing Techniques

This Course is limited to 20 participants: 10 physicians e 10 residents

7 May, Venue: Hotel Garden Via Custoza, 2 - 53100 Siena

C2 - Laparoscopic suturing is not only a way to acquire a fundamental tool in laparoscopic surgery required when approaching more complex procedure but is also the only way to enhance our psychomotor skill outside the operative room. The objectives of the course are to acquire competence on instrument and techniques related to laparoscopic suturing in gynecological surgery.

The course is open to beginners and advanced surgeon, the hands-on will be tailored on the participant experience.

Chairs: A. Romeo, G. Centini


08.30 am - 09.00 am Suturing Principle - K. Afors

09.00 am - 09.30 am The perfect stich - N. Habib

09.30 am - 10.30 am HANDS-ON Loading the Needle - I. Argay

10.30 am - 10.50 am Break

10.50 am - 11.00 am HANDS-ON Stich in Camembert + Z Line + Greek Line -  G. Lanzo

11.00 am - 12.30 pm HANDS-ON Stiching Sequence - The crazy Camembert - G. Centini

12.30 pm - 01.00 pm
Intracorporeal Mono Manual and Bimanual Knot- tying Technique : What's the bast surgeon Knots? Safe, Undafe and Dangerous Knots - A. Romeo

Suturing angles, from Mono to Bimanula technique: It is the future in Educational Training and Live procedure in laparoscopy? - D. Ramos

The Romeo's gladiator Rule: Essay Knot Tying-technique in 5 steps - K. Lustosa/M. Viera

01.00 pm - 02.00 pm Light Lunch

Training Supervisor Gladiator Rule Knot Tying - A. Romeo

02.00 pm - 06.00 pm Full Immersion Hands-on The Gladiator Rule technique:
Romeo's Gladiator Rule - Gladiator Team Faculty

Monomanual Knot-tying the dominant Hand
Bimanual Technique Knot tying. The final step for safe and fast Knot tying in intracorporeal technique

06.00 pm - 06.30 pm Suturing Challenge: The 20 Knot sequences

The best selected will get a free waiver for Winners Meeting in Nice (

For Italian Physicians only: Il corso stato accreditato nel percorso di Educazione Continua in Medicina con 11.6 crediti ECM