International Congress

AAGL-SEGi 2019

Pisa, Siena & Florence, 07 - 11 May 2019

PG Course C3 - Theoretical and practical course on Vaginal Surgery and Pelvic floor Reconstruction

7 May, Venue: Hotel Garden Via Custoza, 2 - 53100 Siena

C3 - This course covers the basics of laparoscopic and vaginal procedures for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions.  It aims to exchange knowledge, skills and experience between surgeons that prefer one or the other approach. Both laparoscopy and vaginal surgery are characterized by minimally invasiveness and, ideally, a pelvic surgeon should have a portfolio of surgical procedures that would include both of them. The course tries to illustrate the tips and tricks of the most common procedures of vaginal and laparoscopic procedure with a final practical part with pelvic trainers.

Faculty: M. Candiani, R. Kho, S. Salvatore

08:30 08:45 Welcome, Introduction and Course Overview  M. Candiani
08:45 09:10 Functional Anatomy of the pelvic floor from a laparoscopic and a vaginal approach
                       A. Ercoli
09:10 09:35 Classification of pelvic floor disorders  M. Parma
09:35 10:00 Which are the grey areas for choosing the right surgical approach? S. Salvatore
10:00 10:25 Cistoscopy: why we should be familiar with it    M. Torella
10:25 10:50 Step by step vaginal hysterectomy with included procedures to prevent future prolapse 
                       R. Kho
10:50 11:15 Step by step laparoscopic hysterectomy with included procedures to prevent future
                       prolapse   S. Uccella
11:15 11:40 Step by step vaginal repair of vault prolapse  S. Athanasiou
11:40 12:05 Step by step laparoscopic repair of vault prolapse  G. Campagna
12:05 12:30 Step by step vaginal repair of anterior vaginal prolapse with native tissue and mesh
                       surgery M. Meschia
12:30 01:15 Questions & Answers
01:15 02:00 Light Lunch
02:00 02:25 Step by step laparoscopic repair of anterior vaginal prolapse  V. Bergamini
02:25 02:50 Step by step vaginal repair of posterior vaginal prolapse with native tissue  M. Soligo
02:50 03:15 Step by step laparoscopic repair of posterior vaginal prolapse  A. Ercoli
03:15 03:40 Selecting the right sling for the right patient for stress urinary incontinence  M. Serati
03:40 04:30 Questions & Answers
For Italian Physicians only: Il corso stato accreditato nel percorso di Educazione Continua in Medicina con 7 crediti ECM