International Congress

AAGL-SEGi 2019

Pisa, Siena & Florence, 07 - 11 May 2019

PG Course C4 - Laparoscopic Hysterectomy from A to Z

7 May, Venue: Hotel Garden Via Custoza, 2 - 53100 Siena

C4 - Laparoscopic hysterectomy is nowadays the gold standard to remove the uteru and despite being considered an easy procedure it encompasses a lot of variances and requires specific competences to be performed safely. The objectives of the course are to provide the participant basic knowledge to perform a safe procedure and at the same time an overview of the different techniques and tools.

Faculty: S. Arena, I. Argay, M. Busacca, M. Canis, F. Catania, G. Centini, J. Einarsson,
J. Keckstein,  A. Mattei, B. Rabischong,  F. Signore, E. Solima, M. Vignali, A. Wattiez, E. Zupi


08.30 am - 09.00 am Opening

09.00 am - 09.20 am Anatomy for Hysterectomy: all you need to know - G. Centini

09.20 am - 09.40 am Preoperative work-up: indications and limits - S. Arena

09.40 am - 10.00 am TLH: Standard technique - F. Catania

10.00 am - 10.40 am Round Table: to manipulate or not to manipulate. This is the problem
                                  M. Canis, J. Keckstein, E. Solima

10.40 am - 11.00 am Break

11.00 am - 12.00 pm Stepwise debate on laparoscopic hysterectomy
                                   J. Einarsson, P. Koninckx, A. Wattiez

12.00 pm - 12.20 pm Primary Devascularization - I. Argay

12.20 pm - 12.40 pm Vaginal Closure: Does it make a difference? - A. Mattei

12.40 pm - 02.00 pm Light Lunch

02.00 pm - 02.20 pm The Big Uterus: When the Size Matters - M. Vignali

02.20 pm - 03.00 pm Ovaries: Take it or leave it - J. Einarsson, P. Koninckx, E. Solima

03.00 pm - 03.20 pm Total vs Subtotal: the Unsolved Debate - E. Zupi

03.20 pm - 04.00 pm  Power Morcellation: Where do we stand? M. Canis, J. Einarsson, F. Signore

04.00 pm - 04.40 pm Round table: This is My Weapon and Why 
                                   M. Busacca, A. Mattei, B. Rabischong 

04.40 pm - 05.00 pm Questions & Answers

For Italian Physicians only: Il corso stato accreditato nel percorso di Educazione Continua in Medicina con 7 crediti ECM