International Congress

Endometriosis 2020

Rome, 05 - 08 December 2020

PG Course 1 - Laparoscopic Suturing Technique: Gladiator's back home

Saturday 5 December 2020
Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome - Italy
Course Director: Armando Romeo

Suturing is a turning point towards Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery. Combination of the correct stitch and knot tying can be responsible for the success of a complex surgery.
Appropriate rules make difficult things easy. The Romeo’s Gladiator Rule put suturing at the hands of all laparoscopists. The knowledge acquired by Romeo’s Gladiator School explain which knots are safe and unsafe or dangerous and how to perform them.
This course provides a broad comprehension about the art of laparoscopic suturing, mixing theory and practice.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to:
  • Identify safe, unsafe and dangerous knots;
  • Perform bimanual knot tying following the Romeo’s Gladiator Rule .
  • Loading the needle and stitching with both hands and supra pubic route.


Course Outline:

08.30 am - 08.45 am   
Welcome, Introduction and Course overview - A. Romeo

08.45 am - 09.15 am   
Safe, unsafe and dangerous knots in laparoscopy: how to teach for avoiding the insecure Knots - A. Romeo
09.15 am - 09.45 am   
Romeo’s Gladiator Rule: the universal knot tying technique - B. Porto
09.45 am - 10.10 am
The theory of the perfect stitch - C. Rocha
10.10 am - 10.30 am
Questions & Answers - All Faculty
10.30 am - 10.45 am Break
10.45 am - 12.30 pm
LAB: Romeo’s Gladiator Knot Tying Technique with right dominant knot tying hand from lateral-lateral ports-blocking sequences - All Faculty
LAB: Romeo’s Gladiator Knot Tying Technique with right hand dominant in supra pubic port and the assistant in left hand port-blocking sequences - All Faculty

12.30 pm - 02.00 pm    Lunch 

02.00 pm - 03.15 pm     
LAB: knot tying with left dominant hand and right assistant hand in supra pubic trocar-blocking sequences - All Faculty
03.15 pm - 06.00 pm
LAB: loading of the Needle maneuvers. The perfect stitch with right and left hands-training with bimanual stitches and sequences - All Faculty
06.00 pm Questions & Answers   All Faculty