International Digital Congress


ON|LINE, 10 - 12 May 2021

Oral/Video Presentation & E-Poster


ORAL & VIDEO  Presentation

If the work is accepted as an ORAL/VIDEO PRESENTATION you will be required to prepare a video of a maximum duration of 5 MINUTES containing a 5 Slides PowerPoint Presentation (not including the title, name of presenter, affiliation, and conflict of interest disclosure slides). The video can also include the corresponding 5 minutes commentary.  This timing should be strictly respected.

When recording your video, make sure that the webcam image does not overlap significant parts of the presentation.

The audio must be clear, make sure there is no noise around you or use headphones with a microphone to ensure better audio quality.
Once the video is ready you should upload it at the link provided by the organizing secretariat
Important note: To ensure ENDOMETRIOSIS2021 runs smoothly,  all the  abstract sessions will be all running with pre-recorded content. Each Author /Presenter will be required to upload a pre-recorded video of his/her presentation to the link provided by the Organizing Secretariat.
 All videos will be shown in a dedicated web station.  

Prepare a one-page poster document in power point or word document then turn your document into PDF format.
Text and presentation should be in ENGLISH
The poster preparation should meet the following criteria:
Title of the Poster
The top of the poster should display, in the lettering of 18 bold (times new roman):

•    Presenting author’s contact detail (please underline the name of the presenter)
•    Affiliation  
•    City/ Country
•    Email address
•    Cellular phone nr
Organise your poster as follows:
Introduction/Background – Objective/Methods – Results – Conclusions

It is recommended to use Upper and Lower case letters for general content.
Media: Images/photos, graphs and tables can be included in the e-poster.
Multimedia: Maximum 1 videos can be included in the e-poster. (in order to embed movies inside PDF please use Adobe Acrobat Pro and only mp4 files are accepted).

Once the e-poster  is ready you should upload it to the link provided by the organizing secretariat
Abstracts selected for this category will be available elettronically in the E-Poster station. Time for discussion will be assigned for each eposter.

Presenting Author of the accepted abstracts must be registered to the Congress.


If you might need any further technical information or assistance for presenting your abstract, please feel free to contact the Organizing Secretariat

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